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Sunny is a model, creative director, dancer, tarot reader, and hairstylist from Vienna, Austria. “I was born in Vienna but grew up in Chicago,” shares Sunny of her background. “I always felt like Chicago was my home because of the culture.” Sunny loves to enjoy her surroundings as much as possible. “What makes me, me? I love being spontaneous and making adventures,” she says. “When the sun is out, I’m out! My personality is like my name: I’m outgoing, energetic, and contagious.” She’s also a well-rounded creative. “My passion is to create what I feel and share it with others,” she begins. “Art has so many layers and feelings. It’s saved my life too many times, and I want to do the same for others. In my spare time, I’m pole dancing, painting, or reading tarot for friends and family.” We met Sunny through her photographer, Madeline Northway. “I’ve always felt comfortable being nude. Posing nude can be freeing and a way to let go of your own judgment or other’s judgment of you— that’s why I like it,” shares Sunny. “Being a part of Playboy makes me feel like I’m stepping out of my shell and allowing myself to explore what sexy means to me!” Check out Sunny’s features right here on Playboy Plus.