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Roxie Sinner

Roxie Sinner
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“I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria,” shares Adult Star and model Roxie Sinner. “It’s one of my country’s most beautiful and historic cities with the most delicious food and welcoming people!” We met Roxie through her photographer, Maddie Córdoba, and all had a great time on set. “It means the world to be a part of Playboy,” says Roxie. “I love posing nude, and I think it’s because our society is so against it that it gives me a thrill. Plus, I love my body and love to show it off.” When Roxie isn’t on a set or creating content, she’s taking nature in where she lives in Florida. “I’m a nature gal,” she smiles. “You will always find me by some waterfall, spring, middle of the mountains, or random nude beach!” As for her work, Roxie is passionate about what she puts out into the world. “Film photography has consumed me for the past two years, and since I’ve discovered it, I’ve been pouring all my time and energy into it,” she says. “Since I picked up the camera, I haven’t seen myself love something so much!” Learn more about Roxie Sinner through her pictorials right here on Playboy Plus.