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Riley Riviera

Riley Riviera
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Riley Riviera is a model and Playboy Creator who comes to Playboy Plus from Jacksonville, Florida. She’s moved cross country since for her modeling career. “I love the surfer vibes of my little beach town,” she says of Jacksonville. “It will always be home. Everyone knows each other, and there’s a strong sense of community.” Riley takes on many of these qualities too. “I’m a free spirit” is one of the first things she says about herself. “I don’t feel like I’m meant to stay in one place.” What makes her who she is, though, is her big heart. “One of the things that makes me, me? My desire for deep emotions. I need to feel connected to something more,” shares Riley. “I care a lot about animals, the planet, and the people in it. I want everyone to feel as free and loved as I do.” She’s an artist on and off set. “My passion for making art and finding beauty is what drives me. I want to create, feel, love, and learn as much as I’m capable,” she says. “Anything in the arts where I get to put that feeling into the physical world makes me so happy and keeps me motivated!” That’s how she feels about modeling. “Just knowing you can convey an entire feeling through a picture you’ve curated with another creative is really special,” she says. “The Playboy brand is the embodiment of femininity. It’s so much more than shooting naked. I’m extremely lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of women.” Get to know more about the thoughtful and talented Riley Riviera here on Playboy Plus!