Playboy Muses


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“There’s only one ‘me.’ I’ve always moved to the beat of my own drum, and I’m not afraid to be different.” Meet PaigeAmaze, a model who comes to Playboy Plus from Boca Raton. “I’ve been a Florida girl all my life,” she says. “Anytime I’ve left, I always seem to drift back this way.” With a look and outlook on life that’s all her own, PaigeAmaze has known about Playboy for as long as she can remember— like many her age, she found the brand through magazines. “There was always a magazine around, and I was definitely curious,” she laughs. “Shooting for Playboy has been a dream come true. I’ve only been modeling for a short period. [It] feels like an honor and a huge accomplishment. Being involved with a brand that’s featured the most iconic women of the last century is humbling, exciting and incredible.” PaigeAmaze is a true creative. “Something people wouldn’t know about me? I was a theater geek growing up. I was always singing and at one point dreamt of a career in music,” she says. Now, PaigeAmaze channels that artistry into her work. “I love to style my own shoots. I [also] love to read, write, and paint.” Get to know more about PaigeAmaze here on Playboy Plus.