Noel Leon

Noel Leon
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“I’m a huge dork,” laughs Noel Leon, a model, author, and stand-up comedian from San Francisco, California. “What makes me, me? That’s a lifelong question I’m still trying to answer,” shares Noel humbly, “my passion is comedy. I love providing light in what can sometimes be perceived as a dark or confusing world.” Noel first discovered Playboy a while back, rediscovered it, and now she’s here posing for the photographer, Tina Louise. “I discovered Playboy in my grandpa’s office— he had a vintage pinup Playboy poster,” shares Noel. “Then, as an adult, I grew to admire Playboy’s ubiquitous influence.” For Noel, posing nude is another form of art. “I truly appreciate the opportunity to model for such an iconic brand. The brand means empowerment, sexual liberation, and artistic expression,” she says. “I see the human body as a work of art and nudity as the most natural form.” When she’s not on stage performing, writing, or in front of the camera, Noel loves to spend time outside with her dog. “My dog completes me,” she says with a laugh, “I see myself most accurately in her eyes.”