Playboy All Star of the month

August 2021


I’m passionate about creating content.


I love how curvy and strong I am. I feel very feminine.


I’m drawn to someone who is motivated, funny, mature and kind.


I would be invisible so I could people watch, creepy I know.


My guilty pleasure is Reality TV. I don’t want to love it but I do.


I’ve been skydiving four times…it’s a big deal because I’m terrified of heights.

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Introducing Mia Malkova, our Playboy Plus All Star for August 2021. But for anyone acquainted with the celebrities of adult entertainment, the small talk pleasantries can be skipped. Malkova is a bonafide superstar in the porn industry; her curvy nude form has set the industry ablaze. Mia’s the subject of sexy suggestive gifs all over the Internet, and she’s an absolute darling of social media. Just log on to Reddit, Twitter (@miamalkova,) and Instagram (@mia_malkova) to see the tantalizing written and picture proof for yourself. While it’s truly exciting that Malkova is a darling of Pornhub, here at Playboy Plus, we also love the extraordinary woman behind the legend. The quiet, sensitive, and thoughtful Mia that nobody knows.

“I’m a bit of an introvert and a homebody,” admits Malkova, who’s also a yoga enthusiast. “I love relaxing with my pups, cuddling my dogs. I also love nature and hiking — it’s one of my favorite things to do.” This chilled and relaxed vibe also extends to her ways to kick back, relax and enjoy her downtime. “I’m a sucker for romance — I love reading romance novels. I’m also a fan of RPG (role-playing) fantasy video games.”

But wait, just when you thought you had her figured out, Mia reveals she’s much, much more. Malkova’s evolved life mantra extends to everything she finds attractive in the people around her. “The most important quality [I look for in a person] is self-reflection,” she says. “I look for someone who is always trying to be the best version of themselves. My biggest turn-on is feeling like someone is super into me.” What’s a huge turn-off for Mia? “I’m turned off by bullies and immaturity.”

Another thrilling turn-on for Mia is her exciting career path. She is a huge advocate for sex workers and female empowerment. This is a woman who loves her job and the opportunities it has brought her. Mia is both a businesswoman who’s brand includes products like her own Fleshlight, plus sexy videos and hot content creation on Onlyfans and Twitch. Malkova is one vixen who confesses her career brings her immense pride.

“I love posing nude, I always have. I love feeling sexy and wanted. I love that I have so much control [in my job]. I decide what content I want and how it’s done. I’m proud of my career and where it’s taken me in life,” says Mia. “Female empowerment to me is women being able to do whatever they want — free from society’s judgments of how a woman should behave. I feel empowered with my career choice being on the taboo side.”

So, in case you were wondering, “Who is Mia Malkova?” Now you truly know.

From basking in the joys of being naked to having a progressive life philosophy that extends into her professional life, it’s obvious why Mia was a natural fit for the world of Playboy. It’s an association that means the world to her. “I’ve known of Playboy since I was young. I used to watch ‘The Girls Next Door,’” admits Malkova. “The brand is iconic to me. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Playboy family.” Welcome to the Playboy beauty brood, Mia!