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MelRose Michaels
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"They say beautiful women are dangerous, but it's the intelligent women that dominate. I'm happy to bring both to the table," says MelRose Michaels, a model, Playboy Centerfold Creator, and founder of Sex Work CEO. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, MelRose is proud of the legacy she is creating. "I'm much more than a pretty face," she says. "I've been an entrepreneur since age 11 and currently run three businesses." Her dedication, passion, and ability to keep others on their toes make her who she is. "I'm very much the girl next door," she laughs, "[but] the type people don't expect to be taking nude photos. [I have an] innate confidence paired with a down-to-earth, light-hearted attitude." For MelRose, work is what she loves. "My passion? Business. It's in my DNA; I can't really explain it," she says. "It's the way my brain works! I am proof you can be a solo creator and succeed entirely on your own." MelRose believes it's vital to share what she's learned about the industry with others, which is how her company, Sex Work CEO, came to be. "It's the first of its kind educational company for creators that solely gives to the community," she begins. "It's the resources I wish I had starting out over a decade ago, and the business skills most adult creators simply don't have or are never taught!" We're thrilled to work with MelRose now on Playboy Plus, though you might also recognize her from Playboy Centerfold. "It's always been a dream for me to collaborate with Playboy. It feels surreal to be finally achieving this in my career," she says. "It's validating to know my hard work has paid off!" Check out all of MelRose Michaels' features here on Playboy Plus!