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Maia Serena

Maia Serena
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“I’m extremely goofy,” shares model and gamer Maia Serena as she introduces herself. “I’m from the San Fernando Valley but was born in Portland. I [have] always lived near nature! I’m a huge fan of hiking in the SoCal mountains and swimming in the ocean.” For Maia, creating and the people she meets along the way are the best part of her work. “I love art,” she says. “It’s a huge passion of mine. I’ve always been attracted to it and how it makes me feel. I love the community of people and the compliments and love I receive as well!” When posing nude, Maia feels at ease. “I feel very comfortable posing nude. I’ve always loved being naked, so it feels natural to me,” she says. “It feels empowering to be a part of Playboy— I love being a part of a community where women are praised.” Discover more about Maia Serena only on Playboy Plus!


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