Lisa Modpali

Lisa Modpali
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“Some words I live by? Stay true to yourself,” says International model Lisa Modpali. Originally from Regensburg, Bavaria, Lisa is happy and proud to be on Playboy Plus. “Regensburg is often referred to as the ‘northernmost city in Italy,’” she shares of her hometown. “It has an Italian flair due to the small streets and shops. You can see the well-preserved buildings here, and their historical background is very [interesting].” Lisa leads with her heart. “I’m a person who often lives in my own world,” she laughs. “I [can] seem a bit cold to the outside world, but I’m not [that way] at all! I am a very warm, loyal, open person who also has a very goofy side.” Lisa’s passion is to live her life to the fullest. “Looking back, I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished so far,” says the model, “but I’m particularly proud that I made it into Playboy! The perfect [way to describe it]: incredible pride. I am very thankful for this experience.” We shot with Lisa on location in Spain. Don’t miss her features here on Playboy Plus.