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La Sirena 69

La Sirena 69



Playboy All Star of the month

April 2022

Special Talents

Talking! I’m a very good person to converse with.

Fun Fact

June 9th is my birthday! That’s how my stage name got created.

Best Policy

Biggest turn-on? The truth. Biggest turn-off? Liars.

Working with Playboy

I was stoked when I first received the job that I couldn’t sleep. I’m looking forward to being part of the brand even more.

Words to Live By

“Vive no existas.” Meaning, live don’t just exist.

Work in Progress

I recently started practicing to become a DJ and moved to Miami for a few months to be mentored and take private lessons.

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April 2022 brings La Sirena 69 to Playboy Plus, and we’re excited to be collaborating with the adult industry star for the first time in such a memorable way! Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, La Sirena 69 is currently based in Los Angeles, California, where she works as a model, adult actress, DJ, producer, and entrepreneur. “I’m very funny,” she shares of what makes her who she is. “I enjoy making people laugh, and I’m super creative.” Most known for her HD XXX videos or her exciting self-made content on OnlyFans, La Sirena 69, sometimes known as Antonella Shau to her fans, loves her work. “I’m proud of a lot of things that I’ve accomplished in my life,” she shares. “What do I love most about my job? Being myself and that I am able to collaborate with many brands and people.” Perhaps the most fulfilling part of her career, though, is being able to give back to her loved ones. “First and foremost, I help support my family. Being able to do that brings me joy,” she says. “When you are from another country, you are most proud of being able to make it in LA.” La Sirena 69 first encountered Playboy at the age of 18, and now she’s here. “I first heard of Playboy on the Internet but never imagined that I would work with [the brand],” she says. “I was so stoked when I first received the job that I couldn’t sleep,” she adds with a laugh. With millions of fans engaging on Instagram and Twitter every day, this actress has quickly become one of porn’s most-followed stars. When she’s not working, La Sirena 69 discovers new places, spends time with her cat, and stays fit. “My cat Salma is my child,” she laughs. “My hobbies include hot yoga, hiking, and traveling— I’m a very active woman.” Don’t miss full nude videos and galleries of our April 2022 All Star, La Sirena 69, all month long, right here on Playboy Plus.