Joy Lamore

Joy Lamore
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“The first time I saw Playboy, I think it was at my local newsstand,” shares International model Joy Lamore from Madrid, Spain. “I remember I was very curious. The truth is I couldn’t stop looking at it!” Joy is a true creative with a deep passion for art and making it. “Art is the best tool of expression I have,” she shares. “It allows me to communicate experiences, sensations, and emotions inside me that I cannot put into words. Art frees me, and it makes me go into a trance as if it were a drug!” For Joy, her medium is her body. “I think that nudity is one of the ways I feel empowered— to feel proud of my naked body and show it off. It makes me feel sexy, alive, and free,” she says of modeling. Joy posed on location in Tenerife, Spain, with the photographer Henrik Pfeifer. “Playboy, for me, is a dream that has come true,” she says. “It makes me feel very happy and proud!” Check out Joy Lamore’s features here on Playboy Plus!