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Jo Garcia

Jo Garcia


New York NY USA


5' 6"

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October 2007

Playboy Muse of the year


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Meet Jo Garcia, our Cybergirl of the Year 2008. She’s tall – 5’7” – and all natural, with dark hair and eyes, and with her keen sense of technology, she really lives up to her title. She’s a gamer whose facility with RPGs and MMORPGs is outdone only by her tactility of her form. A former account executive for a cell phone company, Jo got her start with Playboy as Employee of the Month in January 2007. She rose to fame as Cybergirl of the Week and Month, and before the year was out, she was Cybergirl of the Year. “It was a tough competition,” she says, “but Playboy fans are dedicated, and it’s nice to know that my hard work is appreciated.” Speaking of which, Jo has become one of our most popular girls – she’s a full-time model and host, and she hosted a long-running gaming column in the Playground, Gamer Next Door. When she’s not working, she’s playing games – sometimes up to four or five hours a day – and she tips the scales in her favor with workouts and interactive games. “I love my job,” she says, and we believe her. “It’s always changing.”


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