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Gia Rae
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Gia Rae is a model, stripper, and adult content creator from North Delta, British Columbia. We met Gia through her photographer, Cassandra Keyes, and shot together in Vancouver! With a devoted online following and passion for her work, Gia moves in front of the camera creatively and comfortably. “I think most people would never guess what I do for work,” laughs Gia. “Most people think I’m super shy and innocent at first, and it’s really funny to me!” Gia is caring and creative. “I always find it hard to talk about myself without telling countless stories about my life,” she begins, “I’ve been through a lot, but I like to think it has made me stronger and smarter. So to keep it simple: I’m a crazy, funny, and caring person! I’m passionate about the things I love and will always do the most for the people I love.” For Gia, this moment is extraordinary. “I think at this moment in my life, I’m most proud of my personal and career growth,” she says. “My passions in life are pretty simple: doing whatever my heart desires and working hard. I’ve always been a free spirit and very promiscuous— eventually, that tied into my work, and it’s given me a new love for my life!” Check out Gia Rae’s features here on Playboy Plus!