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Bethanie Badertscher

Bethanie Badertscher


Boston MA United States


5' 6"

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June 2010

Playboy Muse of the year


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Meet Bethanie Badertscher, our Cybergirl of the Year 2011. She’s “It’s pronounced BAH-der-sure,” she insists. She’s small, with brown hair and eyes, a sweet face – but with a bat of her eye, a pout of her lip, she’s seductive. From Tucson, Arizona, Bethanie went to school on the East Coast – she studied computer science at a state school in Boston, and worked nights at a brewery in the Back Bay. “I used to be a bartender, so I can tell you the difference between porter, stout and ale,” she says – and like everything she says, it’s with an innate sense of knowing and calm. “I also know every line in the book.” She's a bartender, all right - Bethanie first came to Playboy as a Barmate in the August 2010 issue of Playboy, and after Cybergirl of the Week and Month, she was elected Cybergirl of the Year by popular vote. When she’s not working, Bethanie designs her own jewelry. “I still dance around singing into my hairbrush and am addicted to MMORPGs,” she says. “I’m the same girl, just a little busier. I’m having the time of my life.” So are we, Bethanie – so are we. Bethanie tells us about her perfect day – starting with breakfast in bed – in her Facetime interview.


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