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Ana Foxxx

Ana Foxxx




5' 6"

Playboy All Star of the month

February 2022

Go Getter

I’m most proud of my official titles: I’m porn’s most awarded Black female in history, President of the APAC, Playboy’s first all-Black production team, [and] the first [adult] performer producer for Playboy.

New Roles

Special talent? I have to say it’s producing. Producing takes a lot of focus. I care about each model and want them to feel like a goddess.

Spreading the Joy

One of my new hobbies is getting people together who don’t know each other and doing something fun like bowling. I love sitting in a corner and watching them befriend each other.

Special Talents

I don’t think people realize how funny I am. I’m not going to lie; I definitely considered being a comedian! I love making people laugh.

On Dating

I look for honesty and openness. I don’t have a type at all. I think it’s the Scorpio in me — I can be drawn to anyone.

Dream Job

I love that I am my own boss. Every day I get to pick and choose what I want to do, and I’m secure. That’s all I need.

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“Female empowerment means standing behind a woman,” says Ana Foxxx. Coming to Playboy Plus from Los Angeles, California, Ana has made quite the name for herself in the adult industry. Now, Ana is working as both a model and producer for Playboy Plus, as our February 2022 All Star, as well as a Playboy CENTERFOLD founding creator, and we’re proud to have her. “I feel empowered doing my job,” she says, “and when I see the people who love and support me, it makes a difference — support is key to female empowerment.” Ana possesses a charm like no other — it’s wise and lighthearted all at once. “I’m a goofy goober,” she says of herself. “I live for dancing around and singing.” It was only a matter of time before we asked Ana to work with us. “I feel the most comfortable nude,” she says. “I love and understand my body, so I love showing it off to myself and others.” When she’s not working, you can usually find Ana enjoying the company of her friends and trying new things. “In my spare time, I love trying new food with new people,” she says. Though she’s all about new experiences, Ana is also happy to slow things down now and then. “I’m good on adventures for now. I’ve been pretty extreme in my [life], maybe the next adventure is chilling out.” Keep up with Ana Foxxx right here on Playboy Plus.