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Alexandria Kingsbury

Alexandria Kingsbury


Davie FL USA


5' 6"

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Psychology major Alexandria Kingsbury is a wise woman who loves to read Sigmund Freud’s works and theories. “I wrote a paper on Freud last week,” says the busty blonde from Broward College. “I agree with his theory that says we dream about things we would truly like to do in our everyday life.” Our dreams came true when Alexandria took time away from Freud and her work to pose for Playboy. “I actually have two jobs,” says blue-eyed Miss Kingsbury. “One is at Hooters and the other is at a pizza place where I work with my sister and brother. My family is amusing—I’m one of five kids. We’re more entertaining than the Kardashians.” Who wouldn’t enjoy a television show featuring our Coed of the Week for March 12, 2011?