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Alexandra Hill

Alexandra Hill


Stillwater OK USA


5' 4"

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Alexandra Hill seems to be the perfect woman—she’s a voluptuous brunette with sparkling blue eyes, but even perfect women have weaknesses that is beyond their control. “I have the biggest shoe fetish ever and love tall heels,” says Miss Hill. “They can make any outfit look better and they look even better with nothing on at all!” Alexandra enjoys strutting around Oklahoma State University, where she’s a business management major, in her highest heels –and making the men drool over toned legs and luscious figure in the process “I love men with great smiles, especially when I'm the reason behind the smiles,” says our Coed of the Week for September 28, 2006. “I study arms and hands first. They look so sexy and I love to think about what they might do to me later!” Better bulk up and get a manicure, guys—you don’t want a chance with Alexandra to pass you by.