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Alexa Cole

Alexa Cole


Temecula California USA


5' 4"

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Meet Amateur Alexa Cole, from Orange County, California. She’s part Czech and part Cuban, with blonde hair, green eyes and a 32DD bust. Recently single, she works as an esthetician and lives with her two-year-old daughter in Laguna Niguel, a planned community in the San Joaquin Hills. “I’m originally from the East coast – New York and New Jersey,” she says. “We moved to California when my father got a job here as a sports columnist. My dad is my best friend, and we have a very close-knit family.” Alexa was raised with a sense of decency, and she didn’t fit in with cliquey Orange County girls. “In high school, there was more than one occasion where I had to step in and defend a so-called ‘nerd’ from cruel treatment,” she says. As a working single mother, Alexa is decidedly not a party girl. “Most nights I stay home with my daughter and our pets, and weekends we go to the beach or hiking in the hills. If we go out, it’s to dinner with friends – I like to socialize in a more intimate setting.” She likes to swim – she’s a California girl, after all, and she used to compete on her high school team – and she gives a good shoulder massage. “I wouldn’t mind getting a shoulder massage, either,” she says, teasing. “When I was young, I had a thing for bad boys, but now I’m older and more mature. I need a guy who’s well-established, loyal and trustworthy – someone to set an example for me and my daughter.” Alexa has been modeling for about eight years – she was a Miller girl, and did swimsuit and lingerie modeling for a few different companies – but this is her first time posing nude. “A friend of mine submitted my photos,” she says. “I was asked to come in for a casting, and I had to make a choice.” But Alexa doesn’t regret her choice – she’s proud of her pictorials, and she’s looking forward to future opportunities with Playboy. “It’s very tastefully done,” she says. “At no point during the shoot did I feel degraded. It’s a well-respected brand that respects women.”