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Alex Aldritt

Alex Aldritt


Lawrence KS USA

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Meet Alex Aldritt, a community health major from the University of Kansas. “Everything is really fun on campus,” says Miss Aldritt of Lawrence, Kansas. “Downtown, we have a lot of bars on Massachusetts Street, or Mass Street, like the Hawk and the Wheel. You can find bars for every taste—live music and dance clubs.” The party never truly begins until the busty brunette walks in—a fact she is incredibly proud of. “I think I'm just a really fun person to be around, and I'm up for just about everything,” says our Coed of the Week for February 1, 2007. Speaking of fun, Miss Aldritt keeps her body in tip-top shape by having fun with her workouts—and as an exercise instructor that means her students reap the benefits. “I love to work out. I teach aerobics, so that's obviously a big thing for me,” says Alex. “I think I'm a pretty good aerobics instructor.” We know a lot of Playboy fans who would love to sign up for an aerobics class now.