Alberte Valentine

Alberte Valentine


Copenhagen, Denmark

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Meet Alberte Valentine from Copenhagen, Denmark. “I’m originally from Christianshavn, which is known as the area where there is room for everyone,” says Alberte of her hometown. A confident model and student, Alberte is currently studying marketing. “I’m passionate about analysis in terms of human behavior and patterns,” she shares. “What makes me, ‘me?’ I love high pace [environments] and being in many directions at once. I’m driven by my impulses.” We shot with Alberte on location in Spain with the photographer, Markus Hentonnen. “Being Scandinavian, I think it was in an American chick flick,” laughs Alberte of the first time she encountered the brand. “Playboy isn’t scared to be a little provocative, which I really like, and [am] happy to be a part of.” When it comes to posing nude, Alberte is comfortable. “I think the human body and being naked is natural,” she shares. “I feel free being naked. For me, posing naked is also an acceptance of my body.” Get to know Alberte Valentine better, right here on Playboy Plus.