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Alana Cole

Alana Cole


Macomb MI USA


5' 8"

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“I'm a party animal. I can't stand studying and love to be around people,” confesses Alana Cole, a pre-veterinary major at Macomb Community College. “I can’t wait to become a successful business owner with someone to go home to and have lots of pets.” The tall brunette was searching online for casting calls in her area and found out Playboy would be holding one not too from her Michigan home. Alana tried out and was surprised when she got a call back a few weeks later. “I was actually sleeping when I got the call from Playboy,” says the natural model. “I was automatically awake when I realized what was going on and I was so excited. It made my day!” It made our day to crown her our Coed of the Week for January 18, 2011.


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