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Aisha Jamal

Aisha Jamal


State College PA United States


5' 1"

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Aisha Jamal is a bartender with the best voluptuous assets—or as she describes them, her tip makers. “When you have great natural breasts like these and dress revealingly, it helps with the tips,” says the petite brunette. “Once I was shaking a cocktail and the top of the shaker flew off. The drink went into my contacts and all over my tits. I had sticky boobs the rest of the night.” Shaking cocktails and cutting limes wedges won’t be Miss Jamal’s job forever—she’s an integrative arts and advertising major at Penn State University. “I hate to brag, but I’m on a full academic scholarship to Penn State,” smiles our Coed of the Week for June 25, 2009. “I’m focusing on film and graphic design. Those along with advertising will give me a creative edge in the workplace and I’ll be able to sell anyone anything!” Aisha has definitely sold us on her because we are obsessed with this coed.