Adrienne Moreau

Adrienne Moreau


Trenton NJ USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

March 1963

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Adrienne Moreau, a French-American stunner with a naturally, curvy body that revivals those from iconic nude French paintings. An artist in her spare time—she paints non-nudes much to our dismay—Adrienne is a creative woman who often spends her days dreaming of a colorful future full of adventure. “I design my own clothes and homes, generally architectural impossibilities! I also paint—I paint myself, mostly—I mean, most of the paint ends up on me!” giggles the all-natural blonde who was born in Trenton, NJ. “I’m wild about cars and speed. I have this crazy ambition to travel all over the world some year soon and see every Grand Prix race. I love to go!” As our brown-eyed Playmate of the Month continues to rattle off her list of ambitions, she stops herself abruptly to add she knows most of her dreams are only that—dreams. “I'm terribly unrealistic—I want to become a great actress, and travel extensively, and marry a wise, decisive man. And I want lots of laughter and wonderful unpredictable things along the way. I don't want to live by any blueprint,” says our French-speaking Miss March 1963. “My ambitions are visiter le monde—seeing the world—having an acting career and later, a big beautiful family!” Currently working as a model in New York City and becoming our voluptuous Playmate of the Month have helped Adrienne achieve her dreams, but what she loves most about modeling is the liberty to create her own schedule which leaves plenty of time for her hobbies and activities. “I keep busy by skiing, boating, dancing and motorcycling through the country,” she says. “I’ve tried most water sports. I was even an instructor at a charm school, a dancer, and a gal Friday in New York for an account executive at an ad firm. I've also been a model since high school.” Can you keep up with Playmate Adrienne Moreau?