Adelina Varciu

Adelina Varciu


Arges Romania


5' 6"

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Ravishing Romanian Adelina Vârciu lives life to the fullest in her hometown of Bucharest, where her beauty has made her a local celebrity Wherever the Playboy Romania model and TV host goes, the European paparazzi are never too far behind—not like she cares, though. Flipping her long, dark hair which she says she wants to chop off very soon, the all-natural beauty with the honey-green eyes believes life is precious so you should always take care of your mind, body and soul. Starting each day with coffee and an avocado before folding into downward facing dog at her yoga studio, the tattooed brunette is often lavished by secret admirers. Not only is she invited to parties across Europe, a routine traffic stop is anything but routine in Adelina’s world—police have often stopped the busty beauty to hand her fresh flowers. Stop and frisk international model, Adelina Vârciu, right here on Playboy Plus.