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Addie Thiel

Addie Thiel


Blacksburg VA USA

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Addie Thiel cannot wait to graduate from Virginia Tech’s food science and technology program so she could embark on an international adventure. “I love traveling and taking vacations,” says all-natural Addie, who cannot wait to leave Blacksburg, VA. “Virginia Tech is the only thing going on in Blacksburg, so you can find students partying any night of the week.” Enrolling in university was beneficial for our busty Coed of the Week for March 17, 2005 —it was during this time that not only did she pose for Playboy, but she also learned about herself and honed in her skills. “I'm very skilled at making people feel better,” admits the blonde-haired coed. “I'll do anything to lift someone's spirits when they are having a bad day because I hate to see anyone upset or depressed. I try to instill some confidence in people, because once you have that, anything is possible.” Addie definitely is a Playboy model with a heart of gold.